REAL Science of Angels, Star Bodies
& History in Star CRYSTALS-
The GIRKU Story - Shades of Fire Crystals, Tuoai Stones, Silmarion
and even hints of the Ganesh Particle.. (Burisch et al)..

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.Galaxy Clusters, Angel Bodies, Intelligent Plasma Storms- and the ANGAL angle-ic symmetry element alphabets of their construction...

Could this- Earth's supposed oldest geometric model:

in fact be the ET symmetry key to the 'STARGATE' phase conjugate flux- of Girku / Tuoai / Silmarion / 'Cylinder Seal' etc.

below 2 pics from John Forscutt's 'Cosmic Stargates: The Logos who created our local clusters of galaxies is here mapped and the Supergalactic Stargate"
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Star History Revisted- in light of Enki / Saam's - recording GIRKU Crystal (Anton Parks)
- with review of implications for the real physics of LIVING ANGALic PLASMA BODIES.
-English Speakers are recommended to begin their study of Enki's GIRKU Plasma Memory Records (from Anton Parks- Chronicles of GIRKU) at , much gratitude here to Gerry Zeitlin and friends - for bringing us this analysis - one section reprinted below.

> note the companion article - on LIVING STELLAR PLASMA FIELDS: - is still in edit mode- but please check it out anyway.
(the NINE Phase Conjugating Living Plasma fields - which are
-Sri Yantra

> Some of this article is best understood in the Context of the Galactic History of DNA - films and articles - begun at:


In the our 3 most recent online Galactic History of DNA Films (above link /endingreligionwars ) we tried to explain to the children of astrophysicists - what an angel is.

We know that human attention- (being an implosive or 'phase conjugating' charge field) - directly affects the gravity field. (measureably reduces radioactivity etc). We imply from the needs of great Suns being born - that large field effects from genepools inhabiting those stars- ultimately are responsible for stabilizing the gravity holding those stars together. We expect the phase conjugating electric field which makes these star systems (and Gaia) appear self organizing is their electrical relationship with longitudinal - and superluminal charge (we call this DNA radio).

Imagine poor Stephen Hawkings- sits there agonizing - worrying that the universe does not appear to have the mass necessary to avoid blowing itself up - exploding itself out of exisitence. This means to him - that our universe cannot be saved (unless he invents some arbitrary concept of 'dark matter'). Since he is not aware of the role fractality or self similarity - has in creating gravity- he cannot imagine how conscious intelligence - could SAVE THE UNIVERSE - by rearranging the symmetry of masses to fix gravity.

Imagine how this simple experiment could change Steven Hawkings world-


We take 12 massive (and later 12 magnetic bodies, 12 charged bodies) - now we replicate them about 5 times to 60.

We arrange them like this ( the stellated DODEC - which is the geometry of DNA, EARTH GRID, ZODIAC, UNIVERSE etc.etc.) - (from solution to GLOBAL WARMING- GET COMPRESSION NON-DESTRUCTIVE- )

In this way - the x,y,z value of every infinite vertex position is simply a whole number multiple of GOLDEN RATIO. This physics of PHASE CONJUGATION -we hypothesize - is the CAUSE fo GRAVITY ( )

THEN- measure slight micro gravity difference between above and below nodes - THEN REARRANGE THE ITEMS OUT OF THE DODECA SHAPE- into cubic. There should be a microgravity difference (the cube should cause the items to be much LESS attacted to their center of their array!). Good example of the new angel physics. -

..Now suppose this is ALSO a way to make charge fields - flower into GANESH PARTICLES... read on...


We have discussed often Dan Burisch's - description of the ET history - , , ,

-also suggest comparing his kind comments about our work ( ) - with his discussion about Solfeggio (Golden Mean Acoustics).

What he is describing also- as 'Project Lotus' - involves recognizing how under certain (fractal / phase conjugate?) electrical conditions - a lotus flower shaped - 'ganesh particle' of life appears to self organize - and begin microscopically braiding living things into its electric field. One of our purposes in including this here- is to point to geometric / symmetry parallels with the concept of 'Anu' , microvita, toubillion. These implosive slip knots ('the field') - are characterized by their 5 spin internal, 7 spin external braid - see especially the way this perfect gordian slip knot symmetry at the heart of Hydrogen, Human Hearts, and the Sun's Heart- becomes precisely the braiding recipe (5 spin symmetries superposed in DNA's thread- then that '7th seal' is recursively braid on braided 7 times- thickening the plot) - to make the implosion to PHASE CONJUGATION of field - in DNA- called SOUL :

In much of his work Dan B. is discussing how the Stargate / Portals / communication devices work. He calls one of these technologies the "LOOKING GLASS". We encourage our readers to compare how phase conjugation - electrically IS the symmetry model of PERCEPTION itself ( , ) with how phase conjugate charged field accelerate and extend the field of perception.

A symmetry array of charged elements which are fractal enough to phase conjugate and turn compression in to acceleration - becomes model for both - scrying, 'looking glass', and temporal acceleration of 'stargate'-... IF we can grasp the concept: fractal or phase conjugate charge compression is precisely the array which by allowing the constructive conjugation of phase velocities-by Golden Ratio - turns compression in to acceleration. That resultant acceleration of charge being identical not only to gravity - but time travel- where time is defined only by the rate of charge rotation.

- What Dan describes as 3 types of portals into the future:

1. Yellow Book

2. Natural Stargate

3. Manmade "Einstein Rosen" Bridge stargate

We DO recommend the latest summary and his films here:

Area 51 Scientist Speaks:

(film 4: -field affect applied would - Refix of cells- yeast cells..dead heat fixed yeast cells would restart..morph to animal like growth)

Switch for the progenitor cell..


SO- we might wonder what is the common electrical element to Dan Burisch:

a) Yellow Book (Future Scrying)

b) Natural Stargate

c) Techno Stargate ("Looking Glass")


well - if it were the physics of PHASE CONJUGATION (optics, dielectrics, magnetics)..

THEN we might as well meet the GIRKU (below) - Tuoai Stone, Fire Crystal, Vril.. Silmarion.

while we discuss how these crystals are made.

re: the nine-The TAU-IX Treaty Conference for the Preservation of Humanity ?the name says it all...
Little is known about this Treaty by most of the public.  It is renewed every 9 years, 9 being a most sacred number to at least the Zetan factions that are signatories. "

The NINE were sacred to them ( because 9 phase conjugating vortex toroids are the symmetry required to make a plasma body / vishnu / human into ensouled /sustainability. / ALIVE!


Imagining how a "stargate" utilized fractal (or phase conjugate) charge compression to BECOME acceleration (time travel)..

we suggest you compare with the way - phase conjugating dielectric crystals - which DO deflect the needle on IGA..

do compare with GIRKU below:


So - here is where we left off..


(with 3 of our BEST films)..

we were examining why it was this Angel named Gabriel - of the Seraphim line- had gone to so much trouble. The same fellow- had taken basic genetic hygiene instructions - and contacted Mary - which started Christianity, contacted Muhamed- which started the Muslim, and contacted Joseph Smith which became the Mormons...

The difference between man and angel (or God) is the size of your aura.


In the below we analyze Anton Parks - new breakthru - computer recorded- history of Enki (Sa'am as he calls him).

The roots or highest ANGAL ancestors of the story are called KADISTU (QADISTU in Akkadian)- from which Parks derives the origin (URigin) of our word CADUCCEUS!

It is well worth pointing out at this point - that the electrical geometry of the CADDUCEUS - is specifically the recent breakthru to understanding the gravity making physics of PHASE CONJUGATION and fractality in DNA. So let us see if we can see from this - new hints also into the physics of Angels... let us listen in as Parks describes these KADISTU - : Akkadian: Qadistu, evoking high-ranking priestesses. Sumerian: NU-GIG, meaning "non-evil" but also "the image of evil" - sacred prostitutes. Related to the Latin caduceus. Emissaries of "the Original Source," they live in "higher dimensions" called "Angal." Role is to unify the species of the universe. Very powerful but do not interfere in the affairs of beings evolving in the "reduced frequencies."

Let us see if we can understand what is meant by an ANGAL - inhabiting HIGHER DIMENSIONS. Specifically - we wish to accomplish this using my training as an electrical engineer.

Your aura-was designed when it's charge plasma field is 'phase conjugate' (simply:implosively fractal) to become increasingly radiant- to the point of gravity field fabricating. This is the ONLY difference in physics between you and the ANGALIC bodies which inhabit and direct the gravity fields of star complexes. The WAY in which your aura is capable of growing to this level of implosion and then radiance - is profoundly correlate to what is electrically happening in your genes / DNA. The mechanism involves your DNA recursively braiding into longer and longer phase conherent alignment - with the coherent charge field you call (the physics of ) BLISS. Each time the phase angle of recursive braiding locks in with phonon (sound) fields of longer wavelengths- you (phase) lock in a larger charge field around your blood. This is the coherence leading to phase conjugate fractal process of aura growth - which blissfully leads to star inhabiting - for those who learn to absorb charge.

As the DNA gets embedded in more lengthy and coherent braid - leading to the implosive climax phase conjugate (immortal) state- the measure of success is increased (power spectral) HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS. This is identical with the harmonic inclusiveness leading to fractality which Dr Dardik - defines as THE predictor of resistance to virtually all chronic disease medically ( ). Measuring for this broad spectral (and clearly phase conjugating) radiance- in DNA - is what was later called BOSON 7 at Montauk (ability to travel in time), later called MICROCHLROIDIANS in blood- in Star Wars- Annikin (Enki lineage) prequel. This is the SEVENTH SEAL...

Here is what a string in string-theory is- the charge vortex recursively braiding - stringing its way into its most recursive (and self organizing phase conjugate) form: DNA. Here is imaging the 12th dimension: 5 axes of charge rotating are specifically superposed in the dodec wratchet which IS the DNA thread.. then that thread is recursively BRAIDED thickening to string, rope, fat rope.. etc (see the blood plot thickening below)... until at the SEVENTH recursive braid .. DNA pellastrates- turns inside out- implodes and GETS A SOUL. (ALL the animations: ) .The word DIMENSION HERE specifically ultimately only refers to how many axes of rotating charge can be superposed - constructively (as a plasm wave).

OK - so we promised to make this into a fun story about Angels (ANGALS) - and Dragons...did we not?

My synthesis series of articles: Dragon History of DNA- begins with the story of Enki (Ea/ Ptah / Adonai/ Lucifer) - who happens to be the hero and protagonist also in Anton Parks work - known by then by the name Sa'am (Sam- Assa-Am) (He is also known by the name ATUN ATON Adonai- which becomes TOM the narrator of THE NINE- see , ,, ).

He dictates into his GIRKU stone the visual history of his epochal time. The GIRKU is functionally close to descriptions of ATLANTEAN FIRE CRYSTAL (Called TUOAI STONE by Edgar Cayce- as analyzed by the Maryland Physicist SUTTON- and inspiring LOUIS ACKER and many others). The memory crystal is close in description as well to the (Sirian?) VRIL stones, and the ME tablets. (To MEASURE is for an ASSA URU to use his ME /computer disk- which allows her to ME ASSA URu. In the DIN / Place of Annunaki - the ASSA URU genetically fabricated the DIN ASSA URU - Dinassour. see the Dinassoar ACAMBERO Figurines - Enki / Sa'am genetic project - at ).

Also - useful to compare the concept of VRIL or TUOAI stones, vs. Sumerian Annunaki ME discs- to the Tolkien-esque concept of SILMARION.

It is important to note that after years of study- Sitchen - translates the Sumerian word ME- to mean COMPUTER DISK. Anton Parks - in his original French books - provides further detail calling the ME stone a QUARTZ OPTICAL DISK technology.

One rather delightful irony of the whole Annunaki DNA disaster story here concerns Enlil / Yalweh - who we now learn more clearly from Anton Parks is not the half brother of Enki/Ea/Sam/Adonai/Ptah - but more accurately a rather unsuccessful attempt by Enki/Sam to CLONE himself. This is similar to the way Enki - arrives part cloned from his father AN - who is half machine. (In their time cloning was essentially the only legal and practical way to produce offspring). We spoke elsewhere of how the hero protagonist (originally Enki / Sam / Ea) - becomes Luke Skywalker - whose DNA implosive MICRO CHLORIDIANS / BOSON 7- from his Anakin /Annunaki / HALF MACHINE> Darth Vader DAD- portend his ability to implode (phase conjugate) charge... and CALL THE FORCE (Djed). In the same way DUNE's Muab Dib- wakes up to find his half father HARKONEN is HALF MACHINE. (Looking somewhat like former president of Israel:Areal Sharon, on life support... If only he understood what Lawrence Gardner did manage to explain ARE the PLANES OF SHARON- namely the phase conjugate charge fields propagating infinitely- archtypically from the ORMES.. white powder Gold.. ultimately only sustainably from BLOOD...).

The study at issue here is rather well illustrated by the person known as the ENCODER in BIBLE CODE 2 (who is obviously Enlil/ Yalweh). There he is with his hopelessly 2 dimensional model of alphabet physics (Gemmatria- not a clue to the 3D symmetry algorhythm behind Hebrew which locks ensouling charge into DNA codons..)- scrambling pathetically and unsuccessfully around the molten glass sand desert which he just nuked (Sinai)... again (Sodom&Gemorrah)... saying- damn- I know this LANGUAGE CRYSTAL -my only hope- for real ME-mory, has GOT to be still around here somewhere. Inside is the SYMMETRY ALPHABET clue to getting my DNA back into stars....

Somebody from both BIBLE CODE and FATIMA PROPHECIES just told him his Jerusalem [meaning URU ASSA EL EM or STAR GATE as explained by Parks under the term DINNA] is about to be nuked for the THIRD time- and darn if his DNA is just not phase conjugate enough to allow him to time travel to fix it!

As poor Enlil/ Yalweh's cloned blood THICKENS (along with our plot).. he becomes the star in Ann Rice's VAMPIRE show under the term ENKIL - meaning FATHER OF ALL VAMPIRES. Credit to Ann here for intuiting that he was a CHIP OFF THE OLD CLONING BLOCK Sa'am/Enki/ becomes Enlil/Enkil. Compare closely to the same guy who becomes the GRIM REAPER: the last parasite you are going to see- as you as you try to star navigate the PHASE CONJUGATE - charge residue of your gland/blood field -you call YOUR SOUL - after death - the LAST HELLSMOUTH ( - you see waiting to swallow you before you finally make it into the only way out (the Sun's heart.. the one place he and all whose DNA does not phase conjugate with SOUL -CANNOT GO! )...

Vampires you better get the lid closed on that coffin before the Sun's maximum rises!

His H'ibi-uru religion only becomes a conveyor belt for doomed souls into the mouth of his own hungry ghost ( ) -for those who do not choose to take responsibility/self-direction to the star making size of their own aura! (Kool that the 2 triangular vortex in shadow view -which permit charge to phase conjugate in blood - necessary to getting a soul / making more gravity inside biology / the djed of the Djedai - became the symbol of Orion, the symbol of Isreal- Star of David, the symbol Ananda Marga)

Storal to Morey: you too can become a hungry ghost- frozen in the astral without the glandular ability to make immortalizing star navigating BLISS JUICE - Here is the procedure:

-keep eating angry (GMO& monocultured) and heartless (non phase conjugating) DNA.

-vaccinate your kids to they never lucid dream

-live in de-souling metal structures with LOTS of electrosmog

-believe stale religous myths that tell you - you are not SUPPOSED to become what you used to call "God".


Remember as we discussed THE PURPOSE OF HISTORY - at - was not so much to regurgitate the sad soap opera which is the recent story of Earth's DNA - it is more to SHAMANNICALLY RECAPITULATE - so that when you PUT the correct memory of HOW DNA GOT BRAIDED (origin of term: RE-CORD)- then you can UNPACK ITS CHARGE- and INHABIT FULLY THAT FIELD in time.

Why is the potentially immortal/ star navigating / gravity fabricating phase conjugate or fractal charge field of DNA the most political hot potato of our whole history and science?

Consider this: Charge rotates in space creating inertia we name MASS. Charge rotates in periodicity whose pattern we name TIME. When the rotating charge field we name time and space- become fractal or phase conjugating they become implosive, self organizing, perceptive and conscious.

The PLACE where the MOST NUMBER OF AXES of that rotation (we name DIMENSIONS) - is nested in one structure- is absolutely and only in DNA itself! This means that- the highest and most far reaching leverage that ever exists in the universe - under rotating charge systems (time and space) is INSIDE the genes in your blood: what is meant by the HOLY GRAIL IN THE BLOOD ( ) .

The hygiene for the BLISS which gets that charge field so radiant - distills to some rather simple science ( ).

So for those who ARE ready - for deep and penetrating RIDE THE LONG WAVE- SOUL MEMORY...

I am recommending you take the FEELING of the DRAGON IN YOUR BLOOD - back to the big and stellar story of your DNA's origin.

To do this - you started with Hebrew then Sumerian history .. Sitchen and much more.. but then you noticed that all these local history's of DNA - got REALLY STUCK when they got to the part about WHERE DID THIS DRAGON or ANNUNAKI race come from before they brought their dire (and rather locally ugly) FALLEN DNA drama to Earth. OK - so the only way they had babies was to clone, and the only way they got immortal was to eat Gold powder - and their top director was half borg. Great- well... we apparently are descended from a machine. Fine - so how did it get so bad?

In other words- where did we lose track of just what DOES put a soul in DNA?

So - then for those BRAVE among you - you started to look a little deeper .. you might have looked into - UFO stories, Letters from Andromeda, Phylis Schlemmer - who taught the STAR TRECK writers and THE NINE writers..

You might even have been brave enough to read Dan Winter's anthology & syntheses of the STELLAR HISTORY OF DNA stories:

(30 or more articles- some of the 'greatest hits': ).... , ,

And then you said- we need more pictures and more detail from an accurate computer record..

OK - now enter ANTON PARKS. He began with Kundalini like lightning flash lucid dreaming episodes even from 9 years old. It was not long before he realized that somehow he had been genetically pumped with the output wave from Enki / Sa'ams memory crystal of that whole Dragon story...

AND- having begun to study this deeply - I say to you .. This is GOOD stuff:

Now Anton Parks - epic- CHRONICLES OF GIRKU- is right now only in French. .. BUT before you assume this lets all you American's off the hook (amazing how the word American - has come to be globally synonomous with MONOlingual.. perhaps if George Bush had learned to USE his passport...)..

in fact - some of the most amazing synthesis of ANTON PARKS - has been assembled by Gerry Zeitlin - and company.. in ENGLISH..

SO- to help and encourage you to start checking this really Star Inhabiting DNA history - out- I have done a little intro..

abzu= that part of a biofield which is phase conjugate and therefore charge distributeable/ inhabitable

"Unfortunately for these Anunnaki, who continue to secretly direct human affairs, humans are in full mutation and will soon jump dimensions... an historic moment long awaited in the history of humanity." also from - below) .--

Re: the physics of kundalini - requiring consumption of the poison testasterone up the spine sushumna
- Is power spectra of ATP also itself phase conjugate?

Consider - sumerian glyphs were wave guide optics for generating subcellular organelles

"composed of tiny, pyramid shaped crystals of ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel that powers the machines of our bodies. ATP is the energy molecule of the body, the muscles 'burn' ATP when they contract. These crystals are what spawned in the oceans of all worlds to transduce Life down from the bi-directional electromagnetic wave structure in the scalar potential of vacuum". (Genesis II, George Merkl, pg. ii)

These Protits are the physical elements that transduce the energy called Life from the infinite, scalar potential of vacuum, down into this three dimensional, physical world where they physically manifest, pop into existence, protits, for ever, always moving, always, an infinite source of new Protits/Somatids/Chondrianas. Where do they come from, what Power keeps creating them, what energy keeps them moving, for ever? We are immersed in a sea of infinite energy called here the scalar potential of vacuum, a Power that is beyond can't even be discussed. This scalar potential of vacuum is the electromagnetic potential of vacuum which is;

The ZERO POINT POTENTIAL. "...the energy of nothingness, of vacuum, of chaos. This is the energy that holds all this corporeal existence together. It is Free Energy and it is infinite." (Tapping The Zero Point Potential, Moray B. King, pg. iii)

My note and questions to Gerry Zeitlin: (as you read his analysis of ANTON PARKS- GIRKU CHRONICLES below- here are some questions that stimulated me- Dan Winter)

Subject: suggest we add electric physics of how blood phase conjugates...
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 21:18:40 +0200
From: dan winter <>
I am finding your history fascinating and helpful..

would like to suggest some ways in which phase conjugate physics , makes genetic history intelligible - in terms of the symmetry path to genetic sustainability (charge must be distributed sustainably- in the DNA field only phase conjugates allow this.. key to the immortals..
--Lets consider - to add the fractal electric physics of how blood phase conjugates- , to your (Enki / Saam's) history story..
Here are some other parallels to the science world:

abzu?: a tank with liquid doped with dissolved gold to serve phase conjugate dielectric for telepathic auric projection- and superluminal navigating etc..

Also did early URU (Seraphim / draconian /) alphabet's - which became Hungarian -Rovas Iras (URUassa)-
having tetra cube symmetry root like the hebrew
REFER TO DNA's spin path to charge - the ptah taal – root origins of the ptah designate – as 11th dimensional DNA – specifically referencing approach to the genetic folding almost complete in Enki's mother (rigelian?) DNA:
Who was GALZU- the lucid dreaming designator causing Enki's choice to save his genetic experiment? Was this Enki's mother ancestral lineage- speaking of the need to save us as a genetic experiment??--
Is not ATUM (tom) in fact Enki's lineage?
And why would you say this annunaki / egyptian ennead – were NINE

other than , for reasons that in plasma physics bodies do not emerge into life unless their fields (chakras)
are nine phase conjugating toroids? (sri yantra)

Does not then AMUN and Michael more generally refer to Enlil's side of the family?
Did not Georg Merkel illustrate further that the Sumerian glyph structures were more primarily the waveguides thru which coherent light would generate sub-cellular organelles (as I recall from my conversations with him ).. suggesting plasma residues of subcellular phase conjugates were the origin of sumerian glyph structure..

Further evidencing the genetics software environment which became Sumerian was like the physics of the symmetry of DNA tetra codon plasma absorbtion which became Hebrew (ibi uru)

Wasn't the sumerian SHEM stone- (as in shem-an / shaman ) later translated biblically as ALTAR– more
particularly translated by Sitchen as HIGHWARE FIRE STONE > suggesting more particularly the capacitive physics of how these dolmen function capacitively to make a phase conjugate dielectric field – which was then the origin of the electric field to prevent aging – called garden of edin>? ( we are currently measuring the metabolic acceleration caused by our phase conjugate crystals..
Dissecting measurement , I get
me (computer disk / phase conjugate crystal) - assa (queen) - uru (of the dragon blood)

--is that language crystal so sought after by enlil as encoder in bible code 2 not so much
the symmetry index to their alphabet (genetic symmetry set software...
The SUMERIAN word ME for COMPUTER DISK - seems to relate directly to GIRKU.---

Update: Oct 08: Intro to the Physics of Angelic Beings-

The physics ( of angels) (pics:
what an angel is - is the portion of the gravity making plasma field we call stellar bodies and their array

continue to attract the charge necessary to keep its plasma core phase conjugate and thus growing in charge coherence / radiance
(the electrically communal self organization quality we call conscious field)

the elements of the symmetry of those portions of ambient plasma which CAN be thus absorbed (and enter into successful communal superluminal distribution)

are called ALPABET LETTERs

or more correctly - as john mcgovern - see

names universal translator of all ancient alphabets:
plasma residues (symmetry elements which enter successfully into
charge distribution effiency (phase conjugation

even as we know the solar flares timing (charge rotation) fabricate- a symmetry array which is essentially dna codon 64 trigram
(core of calendar maya)
angel in the sun...

(little note from our Eastern Friends- about Anton Parks.. and...) -------- Original Message --------
Subject: I read everything you wrote and very thankful for who you are...
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 00:31:38 -0700
From: <>
To: danwinter <>
Hi Dan,
I was really surprised to see you on this OPENSETI forum...after trying to"chase" your changing ISP providers and your evr changing websites to get more from your work.

I started to read you "Alphabet of the Heart" series still when you was hosting about two or three years ago or so. I was shocked and
astonished to see what Meru and it's "dogs" did to you and your work.
Recently I saw Meru footages "Dance of the Hebrew Letters"on YouTube with Stan Tenen {
}and was laughing loud with all the "abracadabras" they try to present about Hebrew alphabet. The good "chunk" of laughter came definitely after
I've read previously your work on the subject.

Actually sometime later later, after downloading the "Alphabet" I saw what had happened to with all subsequent BS on it today.

Being raised in Soviet Russia I could not believe that someone could be chased like that in a "free" country as US.

But it was very good wake up call for me as all other "calls" that I've got reading articles and esseys you wrote.

I had a temptation to write you a few words just after I've registered with Gerry's forum. I have a double interest in OPENSETI - one is Anton Parks'
"Chronicles of Girku" and another is Kyle Griffith' "War in Heaven", that I've read about 2-3 years ago. I was flattered to see your name here too...

I really just want to let you know that you made a huge impact on my thinking in terms of religion, spirituality and also intellectual state of
classification of esoteric information. I think it would be interesting for you to know that people read your work and are listening to what you have
to say; and I am not exaggerating my "wordy outpouring" here to please you,
- a lot of people I personally know in Russian and Ukrainian Academy of Sciences know about Dan Winter's work.

Please, keep up with what you do, since it's very important to the people all over the planet, including Russia and Ukraine...
Sinserely, Igor.

So here now is an exerpt from Gerry Zeitlin's notes on Anton Parks - Chronicles of GIRKU: ( , much gratitude here to Gerry Zeitlin and friends - for bringing us this analysis - one section reprinted below.- quoting here now:


The Kadištu "Life Designers" are the guardians of key places in the universe. Their objective is to cause to reign a form of organization and of "discipline" that emanates from "the Source" that one could assimilate to God. In this, one could think of them as "angels of God".

Despite their high technology and their extreme intelligence, the Kadištu are not on a mission to resolve all problems. Insofar as concerns the history of the Earth and its development, the Life Designers seem to have chosen to leave the Earth, even though it be a sacred place, in the hands of the Gina'abul reptilians.

This does not appear to be an abandonment, rather a transitional retreat, because to this day the Life Designers have not ceased to keep an eye on their creation. On the human level, this can seem to be taking a very long time, but to the Life Designers of the Universe, it is nothing.

The Kadištu normally do not interfere in the development of races in full evolution -- in this case the Gina'abul reptilians.

I imagine that it was simpler to let the Gina'abul resolve their family problems among themselves, as there exists in the bosom of the reptilian family the Amašutum group - the females - who truly form a part of the Life Designers.

I am thinking equally that the Homo type originally of the Earth and the Solar System has a karma that is connected to the reptilians, given that the Homo type has on numerous occasions been genetically manipulated by these same Gina'abul reptilians...

In his interviews, Parks provides glimpses of the numerous races at play in his works: those that make up the Kadištu collective and the Gina'abul races, a large part of whom are in conflict with the Kadištu. The female Gina'abul, however, are the Amašutum priestesses, who belong to the Kadištu. This is an example of the complex relationships and interactions that make up Parks' story.

(Again-all the info in the next section below is from Gerry Zeitlin- and his Analysis of Anton Parks- the ONLY notes added from Dan Winter- is the Column in RED)

Below the table- all the Zeitlin text is in GREEN.

Kadištu  Added from Dan:


OR Their Elders:

Seraphim (High Dragon Elder?)>was this the family of Angel GABRIEL>who dictated the origin of Christian,Muslem AND Mormon Relgions specifically(genetic hygienes).

Akkadian: Qadistu, evoking high-ranking priestesses. Sumerian: NU-GIG, meaning "non-evil" but also "the image of evil" - sacred prostitutes. Related to the Latin caduceus. Emissaries of "the Original Source," they live in "higher dimensions" called "Angal." Role is to unify the species of the universe. Very powerful but do not interfere in the affairs of beings evolving in the "reduced frequencies."
Abgal  this quote added from Anton Parks (not Dan)- "The Abgal of Gagsisa (Sirius) have occupied a large portion of marine life and especially the marking of Kusu-Sim (whales) and Kig-Ku (dolphins) whose main role was to rebalance the rate of vibration KI, which was extremely low at a time when Kingu had overloaded Uras [Earth] huge Husmus (wild reptiles). " Kadištu subgroup. Genetically affiliated with Gina'abul, but considered amphibians, with genes of a far-off amphibian race. Sages of the Gagsisá (Sirius) system. A Gina'abul rebel race**.
Amašutum  =Assa-Uru: (Female Telepath Ruler Drac)
Female Gina'abul*. "Mother Lizards." "Proud People of the Serpent." Eternal symbol: two intertwined serpents. Priestesses. Kadištu subgroup, therefore also associated with the principle of "good and evil." Life Designers. Dwell in several regions of the universe, such as Ursa Major, Hyades, Pleiades, Orion. A Gina'abul rebel race**.
Ama'argi   Compare: 'Interventionist ANU-HAZI' (Anna Hayes)-/Anasazi. Was the Ancestral line of Enki(Sa'am)'s Mother (Paa Taal / Ptah)>Aide or Antu?

Compare to origin of term MARGI (Ananda Marga)?

Terrestrial Amašutum, specially created in our solar system by the Gina'abul females of Margid'da (Ursa Major), undoubtedly cloned from the genetic library there. They have tails, as do the other Amašutum. Dark-skinned. Peaceful. A Kadištu race. Their home is the Abzu of Uraš. Their sovereign is Queen Dim'mege (see Personages).
Ameli  Compare to:
UMMITE / UMMO - ET history .. and 'Physics" - see links
Semi-etheric Kadištu race originating in the star system of Bun (Aldebaran, α Tauri) and still based there. Had permitted the Ušumgal to maintain a colony of Mìmínu in that system but drove them out after the Great War. The Mìmínu were relocated in Mulmul (Pleiades). This in turn forced a new line of Amašutum to progrressively withdraw from Mulmul and its Ubšu'ukkinna system, eventually to settle in Gišda (the Hyades).
Sukkal  Compare to:
Return of the BIRD TRIBES
Ophanim / Enochian (Origins Golden Dawn)- vs
Language of Birds / LangDoc
in Cherokee called ADAWI, in Aboriginal:VALNAAPA..

Urbar'ra- note LYRA origins of Humanoids in PRISM OF LYRA, also at (Montauk story).

Kadištu subgroup having the form of birds. "Cousin of the Gina'abul." The Sumerian word "sukkal" means "messenger." In the Sumerian and Assyro-Babylonian traditions, the Sukkal are humanoids with the body of a bird and large wings on the back. The Greek term "anggelos" also means messenger and refers to beings with functions similar to biblical angels. Important Life Designers. Urbar'ra (Lyra).
" Army of the Elohim"
 Compare to:
Leonine Star Elders of Anunaki
Anna Hayes-said the Sphinx Leonine Face is the Annunaki claim favor with their LIONine Star Elders.
Warriors / Life Designers. (UR-MAH, "great warrior", also "lion" in Gina'abul-Sumerian). Logo: the lion. Felidae or feline. Feline-humanoid appearance; actually resembles a lion. Always seen with claws; unknown if natural or artificial. They are from the Orion constellation. The official army or celestial militia of the Kadištu, who often referred to them concerning problems of rule. For that reason, the Urmah were found at several times in our solar system.
Primordial Human
[see Decoder]
 Compare to:
Doris Lessing's famous (Lemurian?) Tall Long Lived GIANTS- stewards of the grid.(books:"Briefing for a Descent into Hell","Shikasta","Sirian Experiments"
Prodigious androgyne race assembled by the Kadištu on Uraš (Earth). Highly respected because it combined the genetic patrimony of numerous Life Designer species.
Kingú  Compare to:

Winged Drac

Akkadian Quingu. Sumerian: KIN-GU = "ruler over the Earth (or regions). Logo: the eagle. Princely root stock of the Gina'abul. At war with the Ušumgal. Three types: whites [Kingú-Babbar, grand royals; Te (Aquila)], reds [warriors-cleaners; Ušu (Draco)], greens [the people, also warriors]. Most Kingú possess a mark on the forehead, like a third eye.
Kingú-Babbar  Included above row..

Here are the Draco History links from

Royal albino Kingú, originally the dominant authority in the constellation Ušu (Draco), where they created the Ušumgal. Relocated to Urbar'ra (Lyra) with the Ušumgal, whom they left there at the time of the Great War. Resettled in the constellation Te (Aquila). Some are present in our solar system, originally from Te, and are central to events described in Parks' second book, Ádam Genisiš. They are in conflict with the Anunnaki and their descendants. Solitary, do not like to mix with others, because they feel superior to the rest of the Gina'abul. These are the largest of all the Kingú. Some possess wings and horns; others absolutely none. Those in our solar system have hardly any wings and no horns. Among all the Gina'abul, most closely resemble humans. They bear the emblem of Urin (the eagle).
Red Kingú  Red Draco Just beneath the Kingú-Babbar in the social order. Specialists in war; soldiers. Reddish skin. Have tail, horn, and wings. When the Kingú-Babbar left Ušu, the Red Kingú remained to govern in their place.
Kingú People Draconian (See notes on the Draco in the firefight at Dulce / Draco Charlie who ran Montauk / Draco TYPHON who tricked the US Presidents - using the Greys. Workers and warriors. These are the Kingú who take part in the battles on Dukù at the end of Book 1. Greenish skin (a little lighter than that of the Anunna).
Imdugud (Anzu)  Enki's Thunderbird
Extensive References to IMDUGUD
Mix of Kingú-Babbar (royal albinos) and Urmah. Depicted emblematically in Sumerian and Akkadian imagery as half eagle, half lion, respectively representing their genetic roots. White skin (like the Kingú-Babbar), sometimes described by Parks as fair-skinned. Appear "Nordic" but with a slight "animal" look in their eyes, an aspect that is connected with their genes. They resemble humans, often with blue eyes, and are very tall. Emit barking or whistling sounds. Always seen with claws; unknown if natural or artificial. Solitary. Originated in Tiamate (our Solar System) well before 300,000 y.a., which is when the Anunna arrived. Originally created to watch over the terrestrial reserve and above all to serve to reconcile the Gina'abul and the Kadištu Life Designers. They had the reputation of being peaceable, not "looking for trouble" - unlike their Kingú-Babbar creators. They are always found in the background of the works of the Kadištu, with whom they have courteous relations.
Ušumgal UR "Grand Dragons," later Sumerian term for their gods and sovereigns; descended from Kingú-Babbar; creators of the Annuna and other races. The Ušumgal Council of Nalulkára were survivors of the Great War.
Šutum  Draconian ASSA-URU had MALE SEX SLAVES.. Declining Fertility goes with Loss of Knowledge of what ChargesDNA (listen up America!) Male Gina'abul*. "Lizard" in Sumerian. Created by Abzu-Abba to impregnate the Amašutum, but their reproductive abilities were in decline. They suffered from a disease of unknown cause. Originally, laborers, working for the entire race of Gina'abul. Margid'da (Ursa Major).
Nungal  rmore technically: NEPHALIM: meaning FALLEN in the sense- DNA lost implosion due to lost charge implosion (literally: LOST SOUL) Great Lords. "Fallen Angels". Book of Enoch: watchers. Bené Elohim (Sons of the Elohim). Those who coupled with human females without authorization of Yahvé (An-Enlil). Akkadian: Igigi. Male. Created (in great haste) by Sa'am and Mamitu-Nammu (see Personages) from Imdugud genes on which Abzu-Abba had been experimenting. Considered as Life Designers although no knowledge of cloning. Followers of Osiris and Horus. A Gina'abul rebel race**.
Anunna  Simply: Annunaki Warriors. "Angels of Yahvé". Created by An and Ninmah on Dukù, Mulmul (Pleiades), from a genetic patrimony discovered by Ninmah on Nalulkára. No doubt the cell line was enhanced Šutum. Wars among the Gina'abul brought them to the Earth. Anunnaki = "Anunna of the Earth." Have manipulated humans for millennia.
Mušgir  This could alternatively be related to the CIAKAR - or possibly MOTHMEN stories. "Furious reptile" - winged dragons. Assyrian: "Pazuzu". Can easily move between the "first and third dimensions." Originally created in Lyra by Ušumgal; An and Ninmah produced a second line on Dukù, Mulmul (Pleiades), using a cell line discovered by Ninmah on Nalulkára. Have tail, horns, and wings. May be compared to the numerous gargoyles that haunt churches and cathedrals.
Mìmínu  Often reported- the GREYS from Reticulum- suffered genetic disaster at the hands also of DRACO. Called KHUMER- in Templar- the Greys were called WANDJINA by Aboriginals.
The Dogon legend of Ant People reports they were skilled at "Etheric Surgery"
Dogon: ant. Known to us as "grey" ETs. They are genetically-engineered descendents of the Mušgir -- wingless, smooth-skinned, diminutive. Originally created by Ušumgal with reprogrammed Mušgir genes, as part of a program in which the Mušgir participated voluntarily. Later numerous other Miminu races were created from cells fabricated by the Kingú. They know how to take orders. Slaves of the male Gina-abul.
UKU3-BI "lower multitude"
UGU4-BI "simian"
 Simian- compare with Hanu-Man The Ukubi were created by the Kingú for food (same as we treat our cattle) and by the "royals" and later by the Ama'argi to fulfill the orders of the "royals" (who tightly controlled them at that time). But Nammu clandestinely improved the race, rendering them autonomous (so they could defend themselves against the Kingú). Parks has found a Sumerian legend that supports this statement.***
Early Human  "Adam" term (of Adam & Eve) came from TAK-Adama meaning Borg/Donkey/or Slave from TAK (Orion). Additional reports indicate Enki / Sa'am specifically chose the first Simians to clone into his race- based on his first experience OF ACTUALLY SEEING AN ANIMAL THAT EXHIBITED COMPASSION TO OTHER ANIMALS.

See again the story of Enki- using the INCEPTIVE CYBORG effect - to zap more SEX drive into his Creations (Humans) SPECIFICALLY to PREVENT them from becoming SLAVES of the dominant Draco! -story:

Genetic combination of Original Human, Gina'abul, simian. Sa'am was continuing what his mother had done with simians. A first humanoid version, the first Ádam, a mixture of Ukubi, Ama'argi, and green-skinned Kingú, served as workers in Edin. Note that the Kingú themselves bore no responsibility for this creation. Their cells were included to mark the domination of the Ušumgal-Anunna over the Kingú -- to humiliate them. Following that, Sa'am, with the support of his mother and two sisters, clandestinely improved the race under the noses of An and Enlil. They added cells of the Namlu'u, thus in a fashion "humanizing" the Ádam. These beings were black-skinned. Having Ama'argi within their genetics, they had tails. The Sumerian name for them is Sag-gi-ga, meaning "black slave". The Kingú then countered by asking Sa'am to add their Kingú-Babbar genes (from Tiamate) to the Sag-gi-ga, resulting in a white-skinned human, which would mark their supremacy over the royals. They intended these to dominate the blacks. This being was named Lú-bar6, meaning "white man". Word play: Lú-bara means sovereign man; Lú-bar-ra means "alien" or "foreigner". Enki and his associates wound up clandestinely improving these beings also, again to give them more autonomy. These are early human races, not those of today. A more complete picture is presented in the section Creating Humans. The entire scenario is one of races' quests for power over one another. It is not a matter of growing fingers to pick berries, or tails to swing from trees, as our academicians would have us believe. (Although academicians evolve incrementally too! See Fingers and toes evolved from fins say scientists.)

*According to our strict human ideology about what may be considered human, the Gina'abul are not human beings. Therefore Parks does not refer to Gina'abul women and men, but rather females and males.
**Who are the "rebel races"? Designation as "rebel race" refers to events following the arrival and establishment of the fugitive Anunna in our solar system. This is treated in Ádam Genisiš. The Kingú races had already been mortal enemies of the Gina'abul for a very long time. They are not considered as "rebels"; they created the Gina'abul, and furthermore the true "rebels" are consciously aligned with "the SOURCE", which they are not. Note that the memory of their having taken refuge underground on Uraš after local military defeats has contributed to misleading concepts of "fallen" angels. Now that you have our definition, would you classify the Namlú'u as a rebel race? How would you classify the modern human race?
***"They were ugly and menacing, scattered to the edge of the world, at the entrance of the underworld. They also appeared solitary, held in their emplacements, alone and isolated, but appearing menacing enough. Dark little half-brothers and sisters. Thus, this must have been a different and improper creation of Nammu with another god, but perhaps also an experimental creation of the gods..." Extract from the Sumerian tablet "How Ereškigal Chose the World Below"

This statuette (left) representing a Mušgir is identified with the Assyro-Babylonian demon Pazuzu, a demon connected with the subterranean world and with parallel worlds. It is armed with large wings and its body is covered with scales. The universe of demons was very present in the Mesopotamian spirit, to the point that the Mušgir-Pazuzu was considered one of the most powerful demons. Because of this, it was often used as an amulet, affording benefits of its good grace against the other infernal entities. Several amulets of this type have been found in the foundations of Mesopotamian houses. On the back of its wings appeared the following inscription: "I am Pazuzu, son of Hanpa. The king of the evil spirits of the winds that rage violently from the Šadû (KUR in Assyrian), it is I!"

Namlú'u (Primordial Human)

"The old men tell that in the beginning of the world, God created a man and gave him responsiblity for all the creatures. This man went out every day from his house very early in the morning to visit God's property -- that is, all that is found here on the Earth. And he would always return home very late in the evening, and very tired. But in spite of his great fatigue, he had to make his report to God on the state of health of all the creatures."

Oral Tradition of the Lumwe of Zaïre

From the 2007 Karmapolis interview in Nexus [N]:
Karma One: In your narration, the initially-created, original human (Namlú'u) is an extraordinary being, quasi superior to his creators and almost omnipotent, belonging to several dimensions, gifted with capacities of astonishing clairvoyance, capable of reading anyone's thoughts. This original human seems singularly close to the Source, namely the World Creator or "God".

Just who are these creators of the Namlú'u? Why did they create such astonishing beings? And why in this form?

Anton Parks: I sincerely believe that the Namlú'u have a perpetual existence somewhere in Angal (the higher dimensions).

The term NAM-LÚ-U18 ("immense human beings") was used by the "gods" and the Sumerians to designate this primordial humanity. Later the term was used to refer to the Sumerians who were the first humans in Mesopotamia, those who were in contact with the "gods" found in the Bible under the names Yahvé and Elohim.

The departure of the Namlú'u from our dimension was synchronised with the arrival of the Anunna on the Earth.

The Namlú'u are beings who embody uncommon capabilities. They were created "all at once" by the Kadištu (Life Designers) who seeded life on this planet. They were in a manner of speaking the guardians of the Earth before the arrival of the Anunna.

There are gnostic texts, such as The Secret Book of John (NH2-1.28) that announce that:

This being was fashioned by "the creators", in the image of God (the Source) and conforming to their respective appearance. This perfect primordial being combined the various powers with which they (the creators) had been endowed, both physically and psychologically.The Namlú'u were approximately four meters in height. They could detect thoughts and most importantly had the ability to displace themselves very rapidly from one location to another through the use of the Merkaba, the field of individual light of which the transmutation, through the use of the chakras and the Kundalini, permitted one to metamorphose into a vehicle of ascension.

The term Merkaba means "chariot" in Hebrew, but I demonstrate in Ádam Genisiš that this word can equally be translated in Egyptian, for example:

More information about the Namlú'u may be found in the section Guardians of Uraš.


Continuing with the interview [N], Parks responds to the first part of the question pertaining to the Kadisˇtu:

The creators of the Namlú'u are thus these famous KAD4-IŠ7-TU ("ancient assemblers of life") [Decoder] corresponding to the Life Designers denoted as Elohim in the Bible. The Hebrew term Elohim decomposed in Sumero-Akkadian gives EL-Ú-HI-IM, "the powerful exalted ones who mixed the clay (or the clay beings: man).

The Kadištu assembled the Namlú'u with an eye to combining their science in a common creation on the planet located at the heart of a commercial route that embodied a zone of free will and exchanges in our universe.

The Kadištu professed to be in service to the Source that one could, briefly, equate to "God"...

From an earlier interview [K1]:
The Kadištu live in "higher dimensions" (Angal) and very few of them can enter our third dimension; this doesn't facilitate direct contact and explains their circuitous fashion of approaching us.

They observe us more than ever before, and communicate via the intermediary of people they contact directly or telepathically. But such communications must be undertaken with great care, because of the possibility of wrong interpretation of what was received. Furthermore, there are many contacts in the form of abductions conducted by the Greys, who are usually in the service of the Gina'abul.


Nommo (Dogons) This wooden statuette from the Dogons of Africa represents the widely-discussed Nommo, who they claim brought the first language to humans (see Decoder). It is identical to Sumerian representations of the amphibian Abgal "sages" (said to be advisors to Enki) and the Akkadian Apkallû. Anton Parks (private communication) reports that this image is the closest we have to depicting the Abgal race of the Gagsisá (Sirius) system. The Dogon, of course, had always claimed that Sirius was the home of the Nommo.

There are many suggestive connections. Recall that, according to Sumerian history, Enki had dominion over the Abzu, believed by the Sumerians to be a kind of underground sea deep beneath their feet (while Sitchin thinks the term refers to water engineering projects, bodies of water, and/or deep Africa). Parks translates Abzu as the hollow domain at the center of all planetary bodies. Sa'am was the lord of all Abzus in the Gina'abul system. He also had webbed fingers, by the way, greenish blood, and other indications of Abgal genetics.


Discussion by Mamitu-Nammu, soon after the arrival with Sa'am and others on Urasˇ:

The Urmah are formidable warriors. They make up the principal militia of the Kadištu. When difficult situations must be disentangled, the Urmah are generally designated to restore order. We consider them as the army of heaven, sometimes as the soldiers of final resort. They can be quite ferocious. They will withdraw from combat only on request of the High Council.

One of the only ways to differentiate [physically] the Nungal (or Kingú) from the Imdugud is by the shape of the skull. That of the Imdugud is elongated, but less so than the other two (and the rest of the Gina'abul). I think this is because of the Urmah genetics.

Likewise, the Abgal also possess a slightly elongated skull, but not like that of the Gina'abul.

This would apply to the Abgal that you have presented on your pages [at left]. Do not forget that this appears to be the design of a statuette made by the Dogon of Mali. It is not a personal representation of an Abgal. Even if I find it somewhat acceptable, the fins are much too large and its head is not elongated at all, as it normally would be, a little bit.

Their original home is found in Sipazianna (Orion) [see Worlds]...

Several Gina'abul colonies ruled by three queens who escaped the Great War are found to be placed near Urmah. This seems to be an exceptional situation as the Urmah are quite independent. In each case, this rapprochement has brought fruits in the form of a remarkable hybrid race.

The Urmah has done the same here with the royal Babbar, producing the Imdugud.

Whenever possible, Kadištu who can evolve without too much difficulty in the KI frequency attach themselves and mix with species who are in difficulty to raise their frequency level. This activity of the Urmah works to reequilibrate the Gina'abul conscience through mixing with it.

Here, a small group of Urmah in the bosom of the Kadištu charged with the planning of Uraš made possible the establishment of a climate of minimal security. Each planner was thus enabled to bring his stone to the edifice of this natural park. The Sukkal were responsible for the insertion of oviparous vertebrates. The Nim, with the head of an Uh (insect), are the creators of the divers arthropodes that one finds here.

Nim: Term found in the Sumerian of which the diverse meanings are quite explicit:

flying insect
elevated (high) being

The Abgal of Gagsisá (Sirius) [see Worlds] are occupied in large part with the marine fauna and above all with the Sˇim-Kúsˇu (whales) and the Kíg-Ku (dolphins) whose principal role was to reequilibrate the vibratory rate of the KI that was extremely low at the epoch when the Kingú had filled Urasˇ with gigantic Husˇmusˇ (savage reptiles).

It was the Urmah who had the heart-rending mission to cleanse the planet by directing a demolishing projectile. Thanks to this intervention, followed by the introduction of the Sˇim-Kúsˇu (whales) and the Kíg-Ku (dolphins), the frequency of the KI was able to increase considerably, affording it a vibratory rate altogether unique.

Since that time, certain Gina'abul, such as the red Kingú, have had difficulty in sojourning more than 5 full Ud (days) in the KI of Urasˇ. The Babbar and Imdugud seem, on the other hand, to tolerate this frequency well.

As with UR-MAH (litt: "grand warrior"), the Sumerian term PIRIG designates also a "lion". We know that the lion symbolizes royalty. Is it so astonishing to see that the homophones PIRIG2 and PIRIG3 signify respectively "shining" and "light"?

It is useless to insist on the fact that over the centuries, or we could say millennia, royalty was expected to bring light to the peoples of the Earth. Numerous ethnic groups from portions of the Earth such as the Bantus (Africa, south of the equator), associate celestial fire (the sun) with the lion.

Phonetic decomposition of PIRIG in Sumero-Akkadian gives such connotations as "understanding", to govern, watch over, arm... qualifications altogether appropriate to the life-designer warriors called Urmah. Add to that the fact that the place of residence of the Urmah is Orion [see Worlds]. And on the charts of the heavens, one often sees Orion represented with a lion's skin on his body or on his shield.

In Greek mythology, Orion is a redoubtable hunter. He is the lover of Eos, a great Mother Goddess.

Robert Graves, in his work on Greek mythology, indicates "that Eos would be derived from the Indian Goddess-Mother Usha, with fingers of blood".

When we decompose Usha in Sumerian as UŠ-A, we obtain "the water of foundations" or "the source that elevates". Also, the Greek Eos is translated as E4-ÚS "the water that guides" or É-ÚŠ, "the home of the blood".

This indicates to us that Orion sustains the cult of the Goddess-Mother, she who possesses the "elevating blood" that we have evoked in [Le Secret, but not yet encountered on this page. Find the discussion at Initiations (1).]

It is exactly what the Urmah do in their combat against the Gina'abul males: they support a part of the Gina'abul females (the Amašutum) and protect them from the males, or Kingú (the dragons).

Also, Orion pursues the Pleiades in the sky [see Worlds, "Sky Orientation 4" chart]. The "chance" fact is that the Urmah are the enemies of the Gina'abul called Anunna, born exactly in Mulmul (the Pleiades).

Finally, note that in effecting a strict composition of the term SIPA-ZI-ANNA (Orion in Sumerian), one obtains "faithful guardian of the heavens", which is once again in accord with the role of the Urmah. As always, all is in in accord!

The Kadištu in their great numbers have brought their knowledge not only to the confection of the Namlú'u, but also to the different varieties of Adam (animals). You have not yet seen an Urmah with your own eyes. As their name indicates, their visage resembles that of a Pirig (lion). Their feline aspect is not without rapport with the felides that they have introduced here.

The frequent closeness between the Urmah and Ti-ama-te (the solar system) is not recent. It is common to see them lurking in the neighborhood when the progressive retreat of the emissaries of the Source seems inevitable. This shows us that we can remain confident, the Kadisˇtu always keep an eye on this world...


The birthplace of the Gina'abul was in the constellation Draco, which they call Ušu, but numerous conflicts that punctuated their history resulted in the creation and separation of subraces and their spread throughout "our universe."

Some remain in Ušu, but the Ušumgal and the majority of the Amašutum are in Nalulkára (in Ursa Major), the Kingú in Te (the Eagle), the Mušgir and the Mìmínu (Greys) in Urbar'ra (Lyra), and some Amašutum are found in Mulmul (the Pleiades) where the Anunna were also created.

And it is war that has caught up the Anunna on the Earth.

A great many Sumerian tablets relate the adventures of the Anunna on the blue planet - the Anunnaki - in a sort of extended ode to these Anunna warriors. The chronicles show in detail how they became established and controlled the humanity that they genetically transformed from livestock for their greater pleasure, because the Anunnaki are somewhat lazy. This is how they came to be considered like gods (or, to be more direct, "God") in the eyes of humanity.

Unfortunately for these Anunnaki, who continue to secretly direct human affairs, humans are in full mutation and will soon jump dimensions... an historic moment long awaited in the history of humanity.

This subject has been mentioned elsewhere on a sister website; for example, see A Synthetic Myth.

Images of Sa'am, who embodies a great deal of Anunna physiognomy and genetics in general, are provided under Personages. Parks details the key variations from the more generic Anunna type.

Amašutum: Designers of Life

Gina'abul female
This is a Gina'abul female (i.e., an Amašutum). The drawing is a reproduction by Anton Parks of a statuette uncovered at Ur. Parks is certain that the shape of the head is incorrect, and he is working on a series of drawings that will show the elongation extending backward, rather than upward, as in the images of an African-Egyptian shown below.

In any event, she is wearing a wig.

According to Parks, all Gina'abul races shared this general look. The variations were mainly in the skin coloring and the degree of cranial elongation.

The "lozenges" on the shoulders are similar to those worn by Mayan high dignitaries.

To the Maya, these circles symbolize the OL, that is to say "perception" or "conscience", "the way", and "the memory".

At the same time, the Mayan OL is the equivalent of the Sumerian UL that evokes "the past", "an adornment", "a star", "the splendor", and the verb "to shine", as UL5 signifies "privilege" and "protection".

These circles or lozenges placed on the shoulders of Sumerian gods and Maya personages of high rank symbolize the crystals or ME in which were stored the knowledge of the "gods"...

Quartz crystals were the key to successful cloning.

The Amašutum, female Gina'abul, are considered a Kadištu subgroup because of their affiliation and devotion to this semi-Divine race. As such, they are supreme Life Designers.

Note that I am translating Parks' word planificateur as "Life Designer," as opposed to the usually more correct "planner." This is in reference to the current raging debate over Intelligent Design. The Life Designers or planners, whatever one wishes to call them, are superbly-skilled geneticists.

Thus, when deprived of the of the reproductive role of the Šutum (male Gina'abul), the Amašutum were easily able to preserve their line and multiply their numbers through genetics and their ability to clone to infinity. And where all the Šutum carried their unchanging original genetic material, the Amašutum possessed a great variety of facial appearances and characters, making each of them a unique and remarkable being.

The lifespan of the Amašutum was eternal, because, as opposed to the Šutum, their bodies would periodically undergo the Gibil'lásu (renewal of the skin), similar to the process seen in snakes and certain other reptiles.

There were rumors that certain among them could undergo death and resurrection.


Amašutum (thus Kadištu) terrestrials. Their name conveys the sense of "remission of divine damages" but strict translation from Sumerian gives the meaning "brilliant and sustaining (or restoring) mother".

The Ama'argi and their queen, Dim'mege, live in the heart of the Abzu (the subterranean world), in the city of Šàlim (Sumerian: heart of eternity).

Their original mission on Earth had been to restore the planet which had been damaged by multiple military actions and genetic manipulations conducted by the Kingú. (This might be a reference to the development of the dinosaurs.)

At a later period, the Ama'argi were directed by their queen, Dim'mege (see Personages), to oversee the human slaves working in the agricultural domains of the Anunna.

The Sumerian symbol AMA (at right), used to form the term AMA-AR-GI, represents a sacred stele or pillar attributed to sky divinities worshipped by humans in a religious cult. The star in the middle indicates "divinity".

"We devour beings like you. You will have to deal with me, my little fish..."

That charming statement was hurled at Sa'am by a Kingú Babbar leader, upon having his life spared by Sa'am. They and the Red Kingú are extremely arrogant, and were rumored to have actually eaten Gina'abul, whom they consider to be their inferiors.

Their ancient conflict with the Gina'abul reptilians was known to early human civilizations the world over, and depicted in many works of art as eagles confronting serpents.

The struggle of the eagle and the serpent found on a soapstone bas-relief in Nippur, ca 2500 B.C.E. Parks provides a congruent illustration from the Mexican Codex Borgia Fejervary-Mayer Plate 42, and also shows the Garuda Solar Eagle (Indian) and the Hopi Kwataka "eagle-man" each devouring serpents. See Example 4 in the Decoder for linguistic analysis.

But why Sa'am as a fish? This will be amply explained in succeeding pages!


The migrations of the Kingú-Babbar are described in a later section, Worlds. Those who settled in Ti-ama-te (the solar system) did so under an agreement with the Kadisˇtu (Life Designers). They had always made trouble for the Ama'argi and for Mamitu in her operations on Urasˇ.

The Babbar of Ti-ama-te did not practice cloning; by nature they reproduced by natural means. While no Amašutum-Babbar were produced in the solar system, the Babbar persisted in kidnapping (abducting?) certain Ama'argi, right under the noses of the Kadištu.

The reason had to do with differences in skin pigmentation and the fact that the Babbar line of Ti'ama'te was slowly disappearing. At any rate, the Ama'argi put a stop to the kidnapping by capturing some Babbars themselves, and placing them at their service (though treating them well). Since then, relations had been more tranquil.

The above-mentioned agreement required the Kingú-Babbar to cooperate with the Urmah Life Designers in creating "the common confection" Imdugud.


The Sumerian designation Imdugud means "high storm", or "noble blood". The particle IM is often associated with "clay", but in the context of filiation, "blood" -- or even "humanity". (IM-DUGUD is not the only term that associates royalty with blood; the Sumerian word URIN -- eagle, blood, emblem -- is itself very explicit.)

The Imdugud correspond to the Anzu or Zu of the Akkadian tablets. Totally a part of the Gina'abul family, they are issues of two warrior peoples -- Kingú-Babbar and Urmah (see Genealogy). But they possess a certain form of wisdom via the Urmah, who are "Life Designers".

Their reason for being created as such is as follows: To obtain authorization to move into the solar system (well before the creation and the venue of the Anunna) the Kingú-Babbar had to accept mixing their genes with the Kadistu Urmah line, thus creating a new species.

They are a particularly solitary, white-skinned race. Like the Kingú, they detest having to associate with others. They will do it only in their own interest. They are difficult to approach, even by a Gina'abul or a Kadistu.

Due to their mixed genetic background, they were influenced or obliged by their Kingú genitors to function as neutral agents or messengers capable of adjudicating problems between the Kadištu and the Gina'abul of Tiamate. But they were "covered" by the Kingú-Babbar, and that made them enemies of the Anunnaki (terrestrial Anunna), who have used them ever since winning the war in our system.

Parks does not know if the Imdugud maintain these relations with the Kingú and Anunna today. He wonders if they may be the "Tall Whites" observed living on the Nellis Range in Nevada. (See Possible Extended Encounter with the Imdugud.)

Mìmínu (Greys)

Drawing by Anton Parks
Parks writes in his Karmapolis [K1] interview:

"Mìmínu" is the term that I received [for "the Greys"] in the epoch [from which I derive my memories].

How surprised I was to find it later among the Dogons of Mali for whom this word means "ant".

Decomposed in Sumerian, it gives MÌ-MÍ-NU, "responsible for hostile (or negative) duties" [see Decoder].

This translation is even more interesting because Credo Mutwa names the "Grey" Mantindane or "the torturers" in Zulu [see Decoder].

It is my understanding that the "Greys" came originally from Lyra, the place where numerous Gina'abul colonies are found. [The "Greys"] work as a group and function like ants. They function as a race of workers in service to their reptilian creators.

Various Gina'abul lines have fabricated Mìmínu in the past. There are several kinds of them in different regions. Those that are associated with the solar system and that were therefore created by the Kingu (royal Gina'abul) are larger than the others and have hair.

There is abundant proof of the presence of "Greys" in the solar system, if only by the different cases of abductions reported every year around the globe.

In truth, I don't know what has happened to the Mìmínu we see today. Their destiny seems to have changed somewhat as they appear to possess a sort of autonomy that they had not had for thousands of years. The story that I relate (thus, that I have received) ends more than 2000 years ago. My knowledge was gained in that epoch.

Parks adds in Le Secret that the Mìmínu possess bases "in the four corners of our universe." He also mentions that the Amašutum had a horror of them due to the scornful and glacial manner of these dwarfs.

As to their physique, it was not sophisticated like ours. The Mìmínu had been conceived without any exterior beauty; they were all small, had a gray color, no ears, no eyelids, only two holes for a nose, and no lips. They stared with large black elongated eyes that were empty, cold, and without emotion.

Actually, he says, there were several types of Mìmínu. Here he is speaking of the ones that served his people in the epoch described in this segment of his long history.

Anunna and Nungal

Note: Parks' design of Sa'am's profile has been published in the 3rd edition of Le Secret; thumbnail on this website under Personages.
Gina'abul male
A Gina'abul male (Anunna, Nungal, etc.). As with the female, the drawing is a reproduction by Parks of a statuette from Ur, and the elongation of the cranium is incorrect: it should be rearward, exactly as in the example of the African-Egyptian.

An additional point concerning the ME (seen here, as also with the female figure): the equivalent term in Akkadian is Parsû: "the knowledge of sovereignty", and also PÀR-SU: "that which is deployed on the body".

Tutankhamun Reconstruction
Reconstruction of Tutankhamun from CT scan of mummy.

Supreme Council of Antiquities / National Geographic Society / AP

Note shape of head.

The Anunna were proposed as a race of warriors to defend the Amasˇutum against an unseen and amorphous enemy who in fact did not exist. (This dynamic, which we have seen in our time, clearly has ancient roots.) Sa'am, created as asexual (but later modified) was offered by An as the prototype for this race. An had argued that being asexual, they would be without distractions and better soldiers.

However, Tiamata required a sexual (male) race for her Amašutum sisters, since the Šutum were dying out. Sa'am volunteered to create the princely Nungal race for that purpose and to be their leader.

Neither race would have the power of Gibil'lásu (see above), which would have conferred eternal life. However, they were to be long-lived.

The Nungal were a derivative of the Imdugud. They definitely had the Kadištu orientation -- it was inculcated into them -- and were considered "Life Designers" probably for that reason although they did not have the capability of cloning. As Kadištu, they were badly treated by the Anunna-Ušumgal, while being warmly accepted by the Ama'argi, with whom they at times found refuge in their Abzu domain.

The Nungal are the Igigi -- those who were called "The Watchers" in the Bible, the ones who mated illegally with the human species.

They were a source of great embarrassment to Sa'am when, soon after arrival on the Earth, they unexpectedly molted -- a thing they were never meant to do -- showing new skin that was white like that of the Kingú-Babbar, with whom they were ultimately affiliated. Sa'am-Enki had assembled the genetic material for the Nungal before the hasty departure from Margíd'da to Dukù, partly from genes belonging to Abzu-Abba's experiments. Mamitu had wished to verify the cells that they had selected, but Sa'am had declared that they had not the time and they had to content themselves with indications inscribed on the containers of the genes.

As was later revealed, Mamitu had known very well what cells they were using: she had secretly switched the cells in the containers, fully intending to bring a new Kadištu strain into the equation. But she was disappointed that Sa'am had not exercised due diligence.

Regardless of the reason for it, Sa'am, Mamitu and more particularly the Nungal themselves paid dearly for this situation, because the terrestrial Anunna, recognizing them to be a subrace of their enemy, the Kingú, used the Nungal for a very long time as slaves. It is for example the Nungal who were commissioned to dig the Tigris and Euphrates to supply water for the future cities of the Anunnaki "Gods". Sa'am-Enki, under the insistant request of his own people, finally responded by creating the Ádam specimens to save his Nungal. The Anunnaki then put the Ádam to work as slaves.


Today's human is far removed from the Namlú'u, the original or primordial humanoid created by the Kadisˇtu to watch over the animals of the planetary garden that was Urasˇ (Earth).

As precisely stated in Genesis (1.26), the human was the last specimen to have been integrated into the living reserve of the Life Designers.

The aim of this reserve was to assemble the genetic knowledge of the emissaries of the Source. The original human being was highly respected, because it combined within itself the genetic patrimony of numerous Life Designer species....

Allied races gifted the Namlú'u with several parts of their body structure. Designers of Life such as the Ameli brought the principal element of their marvelous semi-etheric body. All Designers of Life contributed a bit of themselves toward the realization of the Namlú'u.

The Namlú'u thus were magnificent beings, the issue of the collective heritage of the combined sciences of the Kadištu. They were for this reason the living guardians of the knowledge of our universe....

One of the most remarkable manipulations of the Gina'abul is to have alienated the human being in order to produce an animal to serve themselves. For that, the Gina'abul began with the original human that they then mixed with their own genes and those of apes.

The particular mixture that the Gina'abul must have had to cook up in order to obtain their Á-DAM resulted from a composition completely impossible to realize today by human scientists. It required the same type of manipulation that the Kadištu had used to assemble the original human. It is Enki, the son of An and Nammu, who was charged with this doleful dirty work under the constraints that will be described in the second book. I name this genetic combination "mixed blood" in the first book.

[What does the genetic record have to say? Obviously that is a huge subject, one that we (your Open SETI / End of Enchantment writers) have not adequately researched. However a recent article, Humans, chimps may have bred after split suggests that researchers are currently confused, to say the least. A fundamental element of the problem that can cause huge confusion is that of timing of events in the record. That is because all DNA research assumes that DNA slowly "drifts" due to accumulated mutations, and this assumption is inconsistent with a "genetic intervention" model, which we surely have here. Therefore in the present case none of the conclusions can be correct.] The sad aspect of the Á-DAM-animal is attested to by many traditions -- notably in the apocryphal texts which are documents from the same period as the biblical scriptures, but were not admitted by the Church. Why not? Because these texts seriously undermine the official version.

Apocryphal Book of Adam, extracts from Chapters 13 and 15, éditions Robert Laffont, 1980:

Who has plunged me into this infinite sadness of evil angels of fetid odor and abominable form? Who has thrown me into the midst of these evil genies? Must I grow in a milieu that I detest, among beings whose works I abhor? Must I take their form, that I live in their dwelling-place? Why has my primitive form changed? Ah! That they would allow me to return to the peaceful sojourn, there to which my heart yearns. That they would return me to the celestial assemblies and the conferences and the prayers filled with peaceful enfusions, that they may illumine me with the light from on high and that I be finally cast from this envelope of opprobrium. How long will I be bound to this body of clay?

Apocryphal The Apocalypse of Adam, gnostic Nag-Hammadi texts, N-H Codex 5, éditions Ganesha, 1989:

Since (the) God has fashioned me of earth, and Eve at the same time, I went with her toward a glory that she had perceived in the eon from which we issued. This one taught me by one word the knowledge of the eternal God. Then we came to resemble the great eternal angels: we were superior, in effect to the God who had fashioned us and to the powers that are with him, but that we know not now. Then, sore with wrath, God, master of the eons and the powers, split us... Since then, we have been instructed, like men, of mortal things. Then, we knew the God who had made us. Because we were not independent of his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery. And in consequence, our hearts were obscured...
Credo Mutwa...names the reptilians who direct this world "the Chitauli," meaning "dictators" in Zulu. ...this term can be translated into Sumerian.... [See Decoder for "Chitauli" and "Gina'abul / lizard(s)".]

Humanity possesses a prodigious destiny. The aim of humanity is not to reproduce the errors of the reptilians who intended to genetically diminish them, who posed as their creators!

To continue with the discussion of cloning and creating, next see To Be a Clone.

We have not finished discussing the characteristics of the modern human and the circumstances under which they were imparted! This is taken up in the second book, Ádam Genisiš, and in these pages under the heading Creating Humans.

End reprint section, please continue at extensive reprints: , much gratitude here to Gerry Zeitlin and friends - for bringing us this analysis

As a postscript here- we addend-notes on why the angelic (ANGALic) script were so concerned we learn our angle-like alphabets - to enter their bodies..
(animations from Dan Winter- pure origin of alphabets: , )

Remember this self organizing golden spiral mapped on the self organizing torus donut domain- is not changing shape- only your point of view.
Consume the perspective- e pluribus unum- from many: one- leap out of flatland - get up off your cross- and follow me - to symbolize IS to embed..

The pure self organizing symmetry of charge / light - is the only alphabet which ever was immortal OR psychokinetic.
Dan Winter:
Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4

We say this in the context- of the ANGALic origins of (the symmetry of) DNA history-

Exerpt from : -"The real start- is a bloodline (the Seraphim- Uru / Dragon) had a genetic problem... (see below film) -
AND their representative (yes the SAME secret agent) name GABRIEL - came and announced some necessary hygiene measures to:

1. The Christians (Mary spoke to Gabriel)

2. The Mormons (Joseph Smith spoke to Gabriel)

3. The Muslims ( Muhammed spoke to Gabriel).

SO ... who were these Seraphim whose message Gabriel brought to ALL religions? What is the story? Where do we fit in??

The simple conclusion is that ALL the religions have the same source: The hygiene information for how we immortalize our Biologic (DNA) Energy fields!(end that exerpt)

We conclude with exerpt from - John Forscutt's 'Cosmic Stargates and Angelic Fleet Habitation':

(-including many reprint/ references to
Begin exerpt from Forscutt:"
Cosmic Stargate

A view looking out through our galactic north pole towards our Supergalactic Center

Cosmic Initiations, Metatron on the new EarthGrid, which makes these Stargate Explorations possible - the stellated Triacontahedron: The 120 polyhedron

John Hornecker writes in Cosmic Insights:
Fifth Galactic Initiation:
Before this initiation can be undertaken, it is first necessary for the oversoul to undergo transmutation to a dodecahedral-cluster oversoul arrangement. ....
The Stargates:
1: Andromeda - Intergalactic Entry
2: M101 - Intergalactic

3: M49 - Supergalactic
4: Great Attractor - Universal
5: Shapley Supercluster Centre - Inter-Universal and beyond the dimensional realms of time and space

Exploration leads to familiarization, which has fancy names like installing one's Intergalactic Body, or installing one's Universal Body, this is literally what happens. Our auric field has expanded and you are simply moving around your own auric feed in exactly the same way as in meditation as you instantaneously move to any location within your local aura (you have the rational knowledge where chakra's , body parts etc are located) and Interdimensional Astrology can teach one how to feel these Stargates, we can resonate to them and download information bundles during optimum time periods.

The Robert Monroe Institute have a similar Program: Starlines

The Extra Galactic Stargates

Each stargate is centered through the event horizon of an incarnated Logi.-To access these thresholds the axitonal lines extending from your lightbody to Earths to our Suns through interstellar gates (Sirius etc), through Galactic Centre on through Andromeda Galaxy Center, then to M101 etc, require activation.
It may take some time to consciously transport your extended light body through these stargates.
Our English alphabet is helpful here, these 'archetypal words and phrases' create the different angles of axis rotations at nuclear levels that literally create what the word / phrase describe. You can use these stargate/astronomical names as focusing mantra's to help trigger resonance, use your unlimited imagination.

Entry into the Cosmic Astral Plane also requires an identification and uni-phi-cation of time and space, which is a blend of astrophysical dynamics (Mayan Calendar time 1987 - 2017), the alignment of our earth with the node where solar equator intersects galactic equator (called the Gate of God - the exit stargate out of our solar system, animation here) and spacial element of time animated here 4D Hecatonicosachoron (omnidirectional fractal growth - expansion).
Cosmic topologists are beginning to view our universe through the eyes of a Hecatonicosachoron (the real universe expansion story).

An easy method to zoom through a wormhole is to visualize sending a 'curve ball' plasmic current making it bounce at angle 108 deg, each additional bounce will also be 108 deg (see mirror into mirror at bottom) and surf the current (even better see the Einstein 'E' module below), it will accelerate becoming almost instantaneous.

Wormhole plan view: One phi spiral zoom into the throat of a wormhole ( in 2D a decagon), surf the spiral.

The Equatorial planes of both dodecahedron and triacontahedron are decagons.

Slice an orange at its equator often reveals 10 segments, an apple 5 segments.

Pure Love informs shape - the Golden Phi Ratio - The Triacontahedron has 30 phi diamond surface panels. Each diamond can be subdivided into 4 triangles, these are the surface triangles of tetrahedral modules that fill the volume of the triacontahedron.

Here is one module, Bucky Fuller labeled it either a 'T' or 'E' module, 'E' for Einstein because it represents one quanta (it can be constructed from one square piece of card), e=mc2.

The small surface triangle of the 'E' module can be in-phi-nitely further subdivided and folded into ever smaller 'E' modules. Useful for thought projection through wormholes. Simply transform yourself into the 'E' module and as you follow the 'curve ball - 108deg spiral' refold yourself into smaller and smaller 'E' modules by folding the surface triangles.

Folding into 'E' Quanta Module
A Vehicle of Shamanic Star Flight
Via Telethought Transfer
Instantaneous Gravity

The important point here - How an Ascended Collective manifests a form suitable for inhabiting as a star or galaxy - this is described and modeled in the Ascended Mastery section (it takes some integration to understand how the liquid light body, literally a Cluster of Oversoul Clusters, an Ascended Collective, transforms into the plasmic body of a Star or Galaxy
from triacontahedron into dodecahedron) - which in itself - leads to the Cosmic Path of a Solar logos ).

Arp Halton noted in his research on the origins of Quasars and Galaxy Clusters that large elliptical galaxies located at the center of galaxy clusters sent jets of plasma out in opposite directions, from these jets quasars developed, which over time fragmented into a smaller cluster of galaxies, all maintaining plasmic connections to the ‘Mother’ central galaxy.

We see this as the incarnation of an ascended collective called a Logos.
The One projects a polar pair which themselves have children, the Tree of life and universal level of kundaline with charkas.

David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill have modeled the inflow of plasma - kundaline into the north pole of galaxies, literally triggering the galaxy into being

Andromeda Galaxy

The initial Stargate beyond our galaxy would have to be Andromeda Galaxy Center.
David Talbott & Wallace Thornhill have this to say : This plasmoid at the core of the Andromeda galaxy is not now discharging. But this suggests that it has discharged in the past and could discharge again. In this regard, Halton Arp’s discussion of the Local Group of galaxies (in Quasars,Redshifts and Controversies, pp. 128-132) is of interest. The Andromeda galaxy (M31) is the largest member of the group (of which our galaxy, the Milky Way, is also a member). All the other members of the group, as well as several intergalactic hydrogen clouds, are strung out in a line along M31’s spin axis.
The example used by Arp and Russell is the pinwheel galaxy M101 and associated cluster. M101 offers a unique view from our position at the milky way, we are looking in plan view at M101, this offers a great perspective for analysis of the dynamics of the associated cluster.

Halton Arp again: An unexpected property of astronomical objects (and therefore an ignored and suppressed subject) is that their properties are quantized. This first appeared when William Tifft, showed that the redshifts of galaxies occurred in certain preferred values, e.g 72, 144, 216, etc km/sec.
The angles 72, 144, 108, 216 construct the pentagram / decagon. Redshift according to Talbott and Thornhill is mapping age not speed/distance.
M101 may have a deeper intentional revelatory character.
..The central M101 has projected plasmic tubes outwards at 180 deg, at the ends of these tubes quasars have birthed (circle with cross), in turn these quasars have projected smaller plasma tubes which become galaxies, as the pattern shows.
In our overlay on the diagram we have positioned a decagon (decagon = equator of Dodecahedron and Triacontahedron, which themselves are Plasmic Liquid Lightbodies of higher dimensional Ascended Collectives).
The Genetic layout of an Ascended Collective, the body of an incarnating Logos is clearly revealed and the throat of the Intergalactic Stargate/wormhole is here mapped.

Next is a view towards our SuperGalactic Center (the Virgo Supercluster), with associated cluster and central galaxy M49.
(exerpted) ...when we overlay the decagon onto the central Virgo Cluster, we see things from an elevated perspective.
The Logos who created our local clusters of galaxies is here mapped and the Supergalactic Stargate is now plotted.

When we place the decagon at M87 similar results appear.

Arp contends that just about everything we can see in the direction of the Virgo Cluster is a family member of that cluster. But he also notes that on the opposite side of the sky is a formation that is a mirror image of the Virgo Cluster: the Fornax Cluster. What's true of one must be true of the other, implying that the visible universe consists of one all-encompassing cluster. Our Local Group is somewhere in the middle. Arp speculates that there may be other such large clusters beyond the reach of present-day telescopes: After all, the mother of our visible group must have come from somewhere.

which takes us to the:
Great Attractor

The central region of the Great Attractor also shows decagonal coherence.
Here's the hub for our Universal Logos, from this location sprang our local super clusters.
The Stargate into the wider universe is here at the central cluster (Abell 3627).

A view of the Central region of the Shapley Supercluster, the largest mass and therefore Strongest Magnetic Attractor and Emitter in the observable universe (our local cluster and many others are known to be moving with her).
The Stargate to the Inter-Universal Multi-Verse and First Source is accessed here.

The image below is a density field reconstruction. The Shapley supercluster is visible towards the top left of the image.
Here we have centered the decagon our local Super Galaxy Center to clarify it's relationship to the Shapley Supercluster

Golden Bay and Nelson : on the arc of a Golden Phi Ratio Spiral- the Love vib, with a focal fractal zoom 'Wormhole' in Golden Bay.

Golden Bay = 85
The Heart = 85
Human Brain structure modeled on Phi Ratio.

New born unpacks in Phi Ratio Wave Spiral

Twelve around one: Cosmic Principle
The flower of life holds a secret symbol created by drawing 13 circles out of the Flower of Life. By doing this, one can discover the most important and sacred pattern in the universe. This is the source of all that exists; it's called the Fruit of Life. It contains 13 informational systems. Each one explains another aspect of reality. Thus these systems are able to give us access to everything ranging from the human body to the galaxies. In the first system, for example, it's possible to create any molecular structure and any living cellular structure that exists in the universe. In short every living creature.
Earth Grid Engineering includes earth acupressure, coherent emotion and nature act as atmosphere maintainence, best accomplished at grid nodes.

Earth Grid points are natural vortexes which attract atmosphere (moisture)

The only way through light speed is via perfected love which is literally a Golden Phi Ratio Spiral zoom.

Phi Ratios' (coherent emotion) have a natural tendency to generate fractals (share love).

Dan Winter pointed out our lower case letters are fragments of the recurive phi spiral